Center's Team

Image of Lori Damrosch wearing eyeglasses and a fuschia colored blazer

Lori Damrosch, co-director
Hamilton Fish Professor of International Law and Diplomacy
Columbia Law School

Michael Doyle wears a dark blazer and a tan collared shirt underneath while looking into the camera

Michael Doyle, co-director
University Professor
Columbia University
School of International Affairs

Anu Bradford wears a purple short sleeved blouse with studded gold earrings while smiling into camera

Anu Bradford
Henry L. Moses Professor of Law and International Organization
Columbia Law School

Sarah Cleveland smiles directly into camera wearing a short pixie haircut with dangling earrings and a dark turtleneck and a embroidered red blazer

Sarah H. Cleveland
Professor of Human and Constitutional Rights
Columbia Law School

George Fletcher wears black jacket and blue scarf and smiles to camera

George Fletcher
Cardozo Professor of Jurisprudence
Columbia Law School

Petros Mavroidis wears a brown suit, light blue shirt, glasses, has a gold pin on the jacket

Petros C. Mavroidis
Edwin B. Parker Professor of Foreign & Comparative Law
Columbia Law School


Karl Sauvant is wearing a dark suit, white shirt and red tie

Karl Sauvant
Lecturer in Law
Columbia Law School

Matthew Waxman wears a grey suit, white shirt and smiles directly to the camera

Matthew Waxman
Liviu Librescu Professor of Law
Columbia Law School

Carmen Abber is wearing blondish short hair cut, glasses, green orange flower shirt, and is smiling looking front

Carmen Abber
Program Coordinator
Center on Global Governance

Olena Jennings has long blond hair looking straight ahead with smaile and dress in multicolor green dress

Olena M. Jennings
Administrative Assistant
Center on Global Governance